Thursday, September 24, 2009

LittleBot FAQ

Hey folks! I recently left my job (and so many friends) at Disney Interactive in SLC to take a crack try the indie thing. Because there are a lot of questions, I thought I would start with a few answers.

What is LittleBot?
LittleBot is an attempt to make something that inspires me. After making games for 15 years, I believe that great games come from people that are passionate about what they work on. I want to prioritize passion and the games that inspire it. In myself and hopefully, in others.

LittleBot Studios? This is a studio?
I'd love to have a studio that could support other people and let us work on games we love together, but I moreso want a game that inspires enough passion to lead us there. I'm focused on the game for now.

What are you working on?
My first project is picked out, but it needs time to incubate and learn to fly. Bits of shiny new information may appear now and then, so be on the lookout!

Can I help?
Yep! If you want to help, send me (erlanter) a gmail. Even simple feedback is invaluable right now.

Why the blog?
It's my way of keeping in touch with everyone. I plan to update it every weekday, so folks can follow along.

What's with the name?
I wanted a studio name with character, and the image of a small bot with a big heart spoke to me.

Are you crazy?
Nope. Over the last 15 years, I've made good friends, had good experiences, and built up enough good security to give this a whirl. My worst case scenario is loving what I do and learning from it, and that seems a reasonable risk for a chance to do something special.


  1. Hahaha hell yes, love the "What are you working on?" question ;)

    Can't wait my friend!

  2. Hi! Tom (above) linked me to your blog here. I'm a concept artist and recently left the company I worked for to do freelance and make some projects of my own, which right now are a comic and a game. It's cool to see someone else doing something similar!