Monday, October 26, 2009

Indie 3D Engine

Any feedback on 3D Game Engines for an indie dev on a tight budget?

I'm looking into various 3D game engines right now, starting with Unity. It looks interesting; I'd like an engine that lets me best take advantage of a game (not engine) programming skill set to rapidly prototype game controls, AI, and simple game logic using primitives. I see the prospect of moving from prototype to demo as a separate endeavor that needn't necessarily use the same engine, so platform is less of a concern, despite wanting to prototype with a controller in mind.

Any ideas or links would be helpful. Feel free to leave comments or throw some suggestions out to erlanter via gmail. Thanks!


  1. As of today Unity Indy is no longer $200, but free. That would be worth checking out for sure.

  2. Yeah, that was amazing news. Thanks!

  3. I spent all of yesterday tooling around in it. And it's pretty sweet. I don't think I've ever used a game engine that was as user friendly. It's got some really cool stuff.