Friday, October 9, 2009

Information Age

Writing yesterday's post reminded me of how much the internet has changed and will change the skillsets of upcoming generations. Growing up without the internet, I always felt lucky for having two other artist friends, because we really pushed each other to be better artists, and not everyone had that luxury. I've seen other artists' skills progress slowly because they were "the best [and only] artist in their class," and didn't have a reason to strive for more.

But it blows me away that today, kids in art forums mingle and chat with professionals, and consider them peers. Now I see kids (with peers like these) putting out art that in high school that could land them prestigious concept jobs. That's not to say that that skill never appeared before, but the proliferation is what amazes me. I think future generations of kids that love the same things I do are going to be so much better at it. I mean, my access to information and reference growing up was about the size of a McDonalds (if that). I for one welcome my wet-eared overlords.


  1. I still like bragging to my young students about "my son, the video-game designer." We're proud of you :)

  2. Teach them some good design principles so my post is nice and prescient.