Thursday, October 29, 2009

Free Unity

Just a quick note today. One of the game engines I started playing with using a 30-day trial is Unity. It seems like a popular choice among indie devs, and I thought it might fit the bill based on my set of needs. If I recall correctly, The "indie" version of their engine was priced at ~$200, which gave limited usage based on number of copies sold. A great price. But yesterday they announced the indie version is now free.

I won't make a judgment call on the software, but this kind of move just makes me happy, and I wanted to share. This news after setting up this blog free, a domain and emails for free, and a private website for free. I know the world isn't made of rainbows but now and then people seem to do their damnedest to make me feel like it. Did the call to arms just get louder?

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