Friday, October 2, 2009


Notice anything... er... different... about the site? Playing with logos was a nice way to get familiar with Painter again. I haven't done anything in that program (other than scan drawings for the other blog) for so long, and messing around in layers, smiling my way through their horrible text options (Photoshop would have been much nicer for that), constantly messing up "protect transparency," and mushing brush sliders around was like meeting an old buddy again. Ahh.

Not wanting to spend forever on the logo (and so things match), I used some of the colors from the blog in it. I could have spent longer adjusting the blog's colors to match some Grand Vision in my head, but why bother? I'm sure Google's blog designers spent enough time thinking about color schemes, already. :P

So what's with the feather?


  1. Love the logo. Seems like littlebot is eager to take that first step.

    Feather? That adds intrigue.