Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Musical Toy

Despite my love of technology, I'm not always an early adapter. But lately I've been fascinated by Lala. It may be garbage and someone will explain why I should feel guilty for posting this, but my first impressions are happy:
  1. I can buy DRM-free MP3s there cheaper than Amazon and iTunes.
  2. I can sample any song or album in its collection (in its entirety), once, for free.
  3. I can "upload" my entire music collection (4000+ songs) and stream it through any connected computer (including, presumably, the iPhone).
  4. I can embed and share most music or music playlists wherever I want, regardless of whether I own it, with anyone.
  5. I have the option of buying a web-only (no MP3, but unlimited online access) version of any song for 10 cents (albums are roughly a dollar), and I can buy the MP3 later for cost minus 10 cents.
I just needed to get some marketing tool out of my system. :P I'm headed for the shower... but first, some music!


  1. very cool, been looking for something like this to break me of the unfavorable rhapsody / itunes paradigmes...

  2. is the best site i've been to in ages. thanks so much for posting! you've solved my how-to-listen-to-30-gigs-of-music-at-work dilemna.