Monday, November 16, 2009

Arcade Story 00

The title of this post affords one hundred arcade stories; complete overkill. And as my life scripting is more "programmery," I even decided to start with a zero! *Pats self stupidly on head.*

On one arcade visit, in preparation for a longish haul, I changed a five dollar bill into quarters. In went the bill, and out came the jingle-jingle-jingle-jingle-jingle of tons o' change. As I reached down to scoop up the satisfyingly large pile of quarters, I noticed a little kid staring, awestruck at my loot. He looked up, and said, eyes big and mouth wide open, "Wowww! Yooou're lucky!" Until that moment, I had thought it a pretty straight up transaction. I thought about flipping him a quarter but hesitated upon imagining a worst case scenario where his mother, upon discovering her son ripping spines out of enemies on Mortal Kombat, demands to know where he got the quarter.

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