Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hot Coffee

(But not the Hot Coffee.) At the moment I'm near finished with Uncharted 2 and anxious to get back to it. But first, two coffee anecdotes in reverse-order of estimated entertainment value:
  1. I used to make a point to stop having caffeinated beverages for months at a time just to ween myself off of the drug. I did this because I believed that being addicted to caffeine, I began days with a "below average" energy level and caffeine was necessary to bring me to a "normal" energy level once the drug had lost its efficacy. Every since reading or hearing (?) (it's odd how much I act on loose information like this) that chronic coffee drinkers still go from "below average" to "above average," I've never bothered weaning myself. I just enjoy my yummy coffee.
  2. Brak of Space Ghost fame had a wondrous coffee rant that Dave Hart made into a perfectly epic coffee mug that I have yet to purchase, despite absolutely loving it.

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