Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Modern Warfare 2.0

This is the first part of a multi-part Modern Warfare 2 review.

The Call of Duty series -- or more specifically, the series of games put out by the team behind Infinity Ward -- intrigues me because on the one hand it seems to push the boundaries of game narratives, but on the other always makes choices about game cues and death that either (a) build up to give me an awesome-slash-boring experience, or (b) train me fast enough to have a rather good time. Which one is a coin toss, but I was lucky enough to win the lotto and have a rather good experience in Modern Warfare 2, and I wanted to think and write about it to press out some design insights.

I plan to chew over the following topics in coming parts.
  • Death & Immersion
  • Novelty & Story
  • Multiplayer & Reviews


  1. Really curious about your input regarding this game. I have a few, some great and not so great but i'll wait till you post.

  2. I think this one might span awhile... I'll be curious about your input too. I don't plan on saying much on multiplayer, BTW, other than observations on the mileage it gives games in reviews.