Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thoughts and Stuff

Today is a happy day, so why not reflect? The past few months have felt like a year to me, but it has been amazing. Regarding the blog, writing and sharing on a daily basis can sometimes be taxing but I love trying to share a piece of my mind every day and the feedback I get makes it worth it. Scripting has been impossibly rewarding. The other day I used my new skills to rough in a concept that's skirted my mind lately, and being able to -- in two days, from absolute scratch -- build up a playable representation of presentation and controls (some sophisticated) was incredibly empowering. The slice of game is promising enough that I plan to continue on it. The many things I have yet to learn, like A.I., web-browser functionality, and multiplayer, are all exciting treks I can't wait to bear out. When it's time to share more I will -- I'm still in the learning phase -- but I wanted to gush for a bit, and say thanks for following along.

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