Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Critter Crunch

I just realized that I plowed through Critter Crunch without saying anything about it. It was fun; a solid, small-to-mid-sized game with strong single-player, steady progression, and tons of heart.

An oddity in play was that so many variants are introduced on the board that it almost makes the game seem thin -- as if the developers felt the base wouldn't hold up. Perhaps if having all the modifiers present at once was an exception rather than rule, and the game focused on game "sets" comprised of base mechanics and one-or-two modifiers that are particularly interesting together then I would feel like I had time to build up one or multiple masteries and enjoy a greater sense expertise.

But even if the game were thin, it plays its cards very well. It has a wondrous heart, there are tons of fun puzzles and challenges to solve, and the multiplayer is quit fun. It was money well-spent.

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