Tuesday, January 26, 2010


My good friends (family?) just had a baby boy! A fond welcome to him, and blessings on his eventual quest to help the hobbits escape the Agents to topple the Matrix. :-)

This morning I wondered whether using the label "review" for my rambles gives the wrong impression. Though my purpose is not so much to capture or recommend a play experience as it is to reflect on its construction, there is an element of review in pondering the sum of its parts. I just tend to believe that the oft-lengthy discussion about what knobs and levers I would be tempted to fiddle with that follows makes even the best game seem unenjoyable. Perhaps "impressions" or "breakdowns" are better descriptors.

I'm a little curious if folks enjoy them, too. They take longer to write, but provide some substance until news arrives about my secret doings.


  1. "Critique?"

    I read and enjoy them, though I have saved all the AC2 ones for later, as I haven't gotten around to starting that game yet and I don't want to spoil it. : )

  2. I enjoy them so much that they leave me locked in indecision. I have half of them marked as unread because I want to read and analyze your ideas in depth, but I don't actually have time to do that very often so I keep hoping I can carve time out sometime during a lunch break.

  3. Haha. Awesome. As long as they're of mild interest to someone, I'm beyond happy to keep it on.

    Elias, thanks for the label suggestion. Probably an accurate one, though I'm still not sure what change I'll bother with.