Thursday, January 7, 2010

Marvelous Critters

On my last game at Disney, it was the responsibility of artists and designers to dream up all kind of fantastic critters and in most cases, the best place to turn to for unfathomably compelling (even rapturous) physiology that challenges our conceptions of reality is nature itself. If I found a video highlighting some breathtaking features of fauna, it was my duty to pass it on, and the habit is still ingrained in me. Last night I was watching videos from a BBC show called Animal Camera. I started with a vid that hitch a ride on some awesome birds, but other animals are featured in other vids in the series. Do see.


  1. Oh yeah, I remember watching this on PBS a couple of months ago. These birds have such an intense and complex approach to flying, the tiny adjustments their tails, body's and wings make for landing, turning, and diving are a real eye opener. Really exemplified the reality that flying especially for birds isn't as simple as flapping your wings and just keeping them stretched out when gliding.

  2. I'm glad this stuff is on PBS. I tuned out of TV awhile back because all of the learning channels turned into "I fucked up your house while you were out," reality shows, etc. I missed all of the nature and science stuff. Go PBS.

  3. This is so cool! I posted it on fb. :)