Wednesday, January 6, 2010


One of the interesting things about getting out of huge games has been discovering all of the things going on in gaming that I was perhaps willfully ignorant of. In the early days of development, I avidly devoured any morsel of gaming information no matter how large or small, but there must have been a point where the returns on following smaller moves had little bearing on my day-to-day, or when the few exceptions rose to the top and found their way to me anyway.

Now, after grabbing the reins of my fate, kicking income to the curb, and being more strategic in information and entertainment consumption, I find my eyes opening up again and embarrassedly enjoying the proverbial parties people have been throwing without me. The one I stumbled on today was via an article on Kotaku notifying everyone of "The Mod of the Year Awards" hosted at Mod DB. I may have visited but definitely noticed it with new eyes, and it amazes me how many great game-making efforts are going on out there. Now I regret auctioning off so many games to get rid of clutter, as I need to dig up a copy of Deus Ex and Crysis to try some Nameless Mod or Mechwarrior: Living Legends, the former of which, based on the praise, is something I probably already should have know about.


  1. "Now, after grabbing the reins of my fate, kicking income to the curb."

    Hilarious line. Alan please don't take this the wrong way but pleeeeease draw something!

  2. Haha. The issue isn't drawing so much as posting. It's on my radar; it will happen.