Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This has been one of the more meager falls I've had in terms of actual game playing, despite putting solid hours into Uncharted 2, Critter Crunch, Modern Warfare 2, and now Assassin's Creed. The list of games I still need to assimilate is long, with a long tail of stuff that only moderately interests me, a few things that demand to be played now, and stuff on the future that are still TBD. Following is my "top" list of play order, through March, with a blurb about expectation (and potential misconceptions).
  1. Bayonetta, the hype is nuts but Kamiya blows me away.
  2. God of War 3, will it be too much of the same?
  3. BioShock 2, does it have more to offer?
  4. Demon's Souls, design nuance and difficulty? Yes, please.
  5. Torchlight, it's been awhile since Diablo.
  6. Machinarium, something beautiful to fill my gaming soul.
  7. Darksiders, the little action game that could.
  8. Dragon Age: Origins, if the story hooks me...
  9. Mass Effect 2, if the story hooks me...
  10. Borderlands, how did FPS + Diablo work out?
Negative buzz could drop games, and positive buzz could add some mental wildcards, like Splinter Cell and Lost Planet 2 onto the list. The list is always changing -- everything below Machinarium seems particularly vulnerable -- and it seems nuts how many things not on there might just fall into the void...


  1. Looking forward to Mass Effect 2, Bioware seems like the sort of developer that doesn't compromise on what made their earlier games so great: story.
    Hopefully though this time we don't have some Saren goes mecha scenario at the end.

    Oh and Happy New Year.

  2. Ugh. Seriously. They had made one of the most compelling game endings I had ever experienced, and then dropped trou and shat all over it.

    Thanks! Happy New Year to you, too.

  3. Currently playing:
    1. Dragon Age, Love the story even tho it gets slow at times
    2. Borderlands, It worked out well! The textures path they chose is worth enough to at least check it out. It is getting a bit repetitive tho.

    Machinarium, You're right on that one.. LOVED it!
    Demon's Souls, Loved it at first, until the constant arse handing got to me and I had to give it up. Very good game tho.

    All of the others on your list are on mine too... but I seem to be too busy or too broke to try them all.

    Happy Gaming! Looking forward to your reviews.