Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Borderlands Impressions, pt. 2

My Borderlands impressions have improved somewhat, and there are a things not-mentioned yesterday that impress me, including:
  • Claptrap, a type of robot in the game, has so much personality. I wish I was the claptraps' hero instead of some bounty hunter seeking a vault I as a player care nothing about. In fact, if the claptraps wanted the Vault for [insert reason here] and I was helping them, I might actually be interested in the vault.
  • The sound effects work in the game is excellent. I think most of my movement, shooting, etc. sound really solid. I wish they felt as solid as they sound.
  • The quest system integration in co-op is really spectacular. It feels so effortless, and is really quite fun to play with. Basically, all initiate quests for all others, and collect for each other, and turn in quests for each other seamlessly. If you already did the quest, it says so, but you can still see the hosts "active quest" and participate in getting it done for the others that haven't finished it.
I decided to just mellow out about aiming and care less; the experience was more enjoyable once I quit trying to aim with my sniper rifle (ha). Actually, I turned down my sensitivity so I can't turn as quickly, but sniper aiming has improved. Now my biggest gripe is running out of ammo with the sniper rifle. I can carry a million guns in my inventory, but not 100 more bullets? Blerg.


  1. Hehehe, glad to hear it. We need to play soon, but until then you should maybe try using a different weapon class or even character class. I tried them all before we played and oddly enough I think I like the sniper class best yet not when he's sniping. The tank class is a tad boring ... :S

  2. I've become quite enamored with the sniper after digging my heels in and trying to make the most out of his skill tree. I have an "alt" character as another sniper at ~31 now, and he's quite effective at both long and short range. The game has opened up for me, and though it still seems a bit unpolished, the loot addiction and advancement are covering the gap for me. A bit. I have a feeling questing is going to grate on me soon, though, even despite my OCD. And what else is there to do?