Friday, February 5, 2010

Up Late

My last post was late, so why not go early this time? I'm just up late and restless, and wouldn't mind blathering. I should be diving into scripts and doing more "mind-reading" but conversation is fun and having this out of the way will grant more focus in the morning.

As I keep mentioning, I've been impressed with the things I've been able to do with scripting in Unity, and with the speed they come along, but there are many times I wish it was still faster, or when my focus wanes. This is especially true with a consuming game (like Demon's Souls *shakes fist*), but it also wells up from limbo occasionally, and makes me wonder about my routine. My work gets intense in a way that probably lends itself to cabin fever, and more purposeful breaks to the world of the living might grant more productivity via balance. If you know me in the real world and have time for lunch, give me a ring and let's do it.

I avoided it this week, but I need to get to these other reviews. Demon's Souls really got me spinning, and I should decipher what's in my head. Truthfully, there are aspects of that oft-aggravating game that remind me of my current design endeavor, so it's even more relevant than most. But I find too much thinking can get in the way of passion, and I like to keep my eye on the prize when shaping a game experience.

There are days when I wish I had more time to blab. The daily post is extremely important to me, but so is getting stuffs done. Like going to bed, dammit.

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