Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Just thinking out loud today.

I still wonder about my "reviews," and my effort to get ideas across without too much time investment (so I have time for work) while providing something substantive and conversation-inspiring to get my feed of "industry conversation."

Is the present approach fine? I spent several posts on Demon's Souls with thoughts as compartmentalized as possible and though it was manageable this way, I wonder if the split post format gets too incoherent. Not that I can go back to creating a huge post; it just makes me wonder if I should continue with it or spend less time on brief-but-interesting ideas (perhaps a designer-oriented approach with Kotaku's (loved/hated) review style) and let those interested ask for detail according to curiosity.

What reviews haven't I done yet? Bayonetta, Borderlands, Mass Effect 2, and Bioshock 2 come to mind. Any preference?


  1. I like the split reviews, and you've piqued my interest in Demon's Souls. Still, I think you ought to try the Kotaku review style too.

    Curious as to your take on Bioshock 2, since that is a game I have played.

  2. I thought you did talk about Borderlands briefly in a couple posts. Anyway I'll read them however you like to write them.

    My favorite stuff to read about is the designer-y stuff with discussion of how different aspects of the game affect it and ideas for how they can be improved (if they come to mind). I enjoy thinking about them in the context of creating a new game and borrowing/adapting mechanics.

    I haven't played any of the games you listed but I intend to play Mass Effect 2 so I will avoid spoilers if that one comes up and save it for later. As you saw, I end up with many more comments if I've actually played the game also, but I do enjoy reading about ones I haven't played and don't intend to... how else would I get any benefit from the design decisions in those games? : )

  3. experiment :)

    and my vote is for ME2.

  4. My vote is Mass Effect 2 :)

  5. Alan you shouldn't fret about these long reviews man their awesome and its tough for guys such as myself to find lengthy in depth reviews that touch on ever aspect. Most reviews spend about a paragraph on single player and two pages on multiplayer and that drives me nuts.

    Oh and my vote is for Mass Effect 2. I wonder how you found the ending!

  6. Looks like ME2 first! Thanks for all the feedbacks!

  7. ME2!!
    I like the sectioned posts as well, especially spanning a few days. It gives me something to look forward too.
    I played Demons Souls and had a similar experience, except I was dumb and never invited anyone to help me nor helped anyone. After reading the review I feel like I missed out on a large part of the game. I got so frustrated trying to solo the thing, that I gave up. I love and hate Demons Souls. But thank you for taking the time to do the review. Looking forward to the next one (playing ME2 right now). - ShaneO