Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lead Up

Moving on from irresponsible critics...

Ideas are not as important, in my view, as the skill and elbow grease that goes into realizing them, but I still feel anxious about revealing the details of my current project. That said, there are certainly smaller design challenges and solutions that would be fun to share. I want to talk about one of them, but only after a bit of brainfeed.

First, let me share this video from This American Life, to introduce my discussion point, which is the effect memory has on our experiences.

Second, let me point you to this thrilling article about the malleability of memory. Thrilling, because as I mentioned a few days ago, I love being aware of traps in human perception.

Third and last, a video from TED (links to a particular part of the talk, but do rewind and enjoy the whole presentation) that inspired a design solution to a complicated problem that I'm excited to implement. More on that tomorrow.