Friday, April 2, 2010

ME2, pt.14: Critical Praise

Mass Effect 2 has a whopping score of "96" on Metacritic, a score that indicates a level of polish and novelty greater than I had. ME2 was simply fun, improved in some ways while weakened in others.

Where ME2 shines is first in its simplification and polish of combat systems and second in the continued approachability of story through dialogue-driven gameplay, enhanced focus on the stories and characters in my team, and a narrative more sophisticated than games typically present. It deserves praise for these things.

But my sense of immersion with Shepard was weaker, and perhaps because the story and dialogue standards of BioWare are familiar, or because I have such profound respect for the goal of emotional engagement, I found myself curious about the obstacles between my entertaining experience and the transcendent one suggested by critical review.

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