Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ninja May Cry

I read in a Kotaku blurb today that the Heavenly Sword devs might be working on Devil May Cry 5. It's all rumor-mill stuff, but it got me thinking. The thought of Devil May Cry being made with a similar, "framerate-be-damned, animation-over-responsiveness, combo list" mindset depresses me because responsiveness and kinesthetics are such a huge part of what I admire about Capcom, and the Devil May Cry series is still the only 3D melee action I can think of with an intuitive combo system that offers meaningful choice in combat. Sadly, the inaccessible targeting of DMC gave birth to combo lists that developers use as a crutch to this day, prioritizing accessibility over player expression. Even Kamiya did it with Bayonetta (consider its loading screen).

Accessibility rules, but if DMC expression falls to another stifling combo list, it would be ironic, especially since there's no reason why both systems don't live together. A moot point if Ninja Theory's new game makes Heavenly Sword a bad reference point, or the rumor's untrue.

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