Friday, May 21, 2010

Must... Play...

I've been sitting on Heavy Rain for something like a month now. It's not that I don't want to play it, it's just that Christmas + New Years gaming was strenuous, and I needed a break. Now the games are getting to be a "pile" again, and I need to dive back in. Also on the short list is Red Dead..., Alan Wake, Splinter Cell, Dragon Age, Monster Hunter, Lost Planet, Red Steel 2, Mario Galaxy 2, among too many others. This is friggin' ridiculous.


  1. I'm used to having a huge to-play list now (I can't remember ever being "caught up" since I could afford to buy games at all). I just got off a stint where I played through Mass Effect 2, then replayed Mass Effect, then played through Mass Effect 2 again with that character; it was like a vacation to let go of having to play through all the other games on the list and just play what I felt like playing.

    ...and so yeah, I will be getting around to reading your Mass Effect 2 posts soon. ; )

  2. It seems story and emotion(not in a bad way) based games are all the rage nowadays. It makes me think back to Modern Warfare 2 and its Transformers 2 like "bigger, badder, and stupider" storyline and just how far away it is from games like Alan Wake, ME2, Red Dead, Heavy Rain etc.

  3. Well, I have the solution. Just put all the other games aside, and play Red Dead. Done. ;) Sigh, I can't get enough of that game, as you might imagine. Heavy Rain intrigues me though as well. I played the demo, and it was cool.