Tuesday, June 22, 2010

E3'10 Rambles: Kinect

After watching the rest of the Kinect demos, I was surprised to find things that interested me as much as they did. The MS fare was rather bland and looked like one-offs that I'd enjoy until the novelty wore off (once or twice, like Wii Sports). But the dance game from Harmonix and workout game from UbiSoft piqued my interest, the latter because its technology and presentation was attractive.

The realistic, camera-driven approach to UbiSoft's exercise game (instead of a skeleton with a 3D model) was interesting. Throwing the sweater off was impressive, and it made me wonder if there were other speed advantages to interpreting the figure through the camera, or whether it's essentially the same backbone all Kinect games use, and they just present it differently. Either way, between this approach, the information about your body, menus options appearing near hands, and objects in the environment you bonk around, I found myself enticed by how it brings the player into the game.

But that says nothing about how it plays, and I'm still very skeptical about Kinect tech. The "look around your car" idea in Forza, for example, seems compelling but your head doesn't work the same way when your view is always on the TV and there seemed to be some clear lag between the actions of the person driving and what happened on screen. I can't imagine how that holds up to using a controller, despite best intentions. Transplant those same concerns to Harmonix's dance title or UbiSoft's exercise game, and I wonder how that disconnect might prevent the experience from coalescing, but hands-on impressions sound positive, so it might be more responsive than it looks, or simply easy to overlook.

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