Tuesday, June 29, 2010

E3'10 Rambles: Portal 2

Have there been any interviews with Newell about his Steam announcement at the Sony Press Conference? Valve is one of those rare companies that has a strong hold of my gaming heart, and I'm always curious about the moves they make. I wish I had access to their "where the industry is going" conversations because they make interesting choices, and often push in directions I wish the industry would. And their games are excellent.

When Halo 2 overshadowed Half-Life 2 in the press, it bothered me because HL2 had a vastly superior campaign, and I couldn't believe the balls on the HL2 team basically the template for Trespasser and saying, "let's try that again, but do it right this time." Even though it seemed like TF2 needed a decade or so to develop, the end product is so polished, gleeful, and well-supported that none of the wait mattered. And L4D is play-for-play something I've wanted in cooperative shooters for a long, long time now. But Portal is that rare accomplishment, so perfectly sublime an experience that despite admiring Valve, I wonder how many of the decisions that made it so powerful were intentional, and whether the same foresight/luck will make its sequel as compelling.

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