Thursday, June 24, 2010

E3'10 Rambles: PSMove

Watching the Sony press conference, I was surprised to find the Move more underwhelming than the Kinect. The genuinely interesting tech demos and gamer-friendly message had me believing there would be some cool games to show, but the most impressive of the bunch was Sorcery, which struck me as a surprise even to Sony, unlikely to get the support it needs to stand up to a competitor like Zelda.

The visible lag between the user and the game also surprised me. It was noticeable in the Tiger Woods golf game, and even when it worked accurately, it brought me back to the question that went around upon hearing about the device: is that much accuracy fun? Is sucking at golf in real life and virtual life good?

Finally, the unveiling of prices and bundles once again had me unconvinced by too-high price points and lackluster libraries. And all this after trying to make me believe that an expensive new 3D TV was the next big thing. Sigh.


  1. I get the philosophy behind these "capture your movements" devices, but you pointed out the exact reason why I think it's dead-end technology (ie. it can't be taken much further or it will start to alienate audiences).

    However, I could be proved wrong, maybe things will start to go all Minority Report now with holographic displays and finger flicks to access critical functions. If they get that type of accuracy out of the technology I can see it starting to get fun again, but making people gyrate limbs around to do anything is just impractical for everything except dance games (and even then, how many people want to do that?).

  2. Going all Minority Report would be lovely if the graphics appeared in the air in front of me, but I only really want my hands up briefly, even when on the couch.

    Hands-up control is just tiring. Most of the time playing Zelda, I controlled the WiiMote while it rested on my lap, and I can't imagine wanting my hands up on a fake driving wheel for more than a few minutes, even if I was sitting down on the couch. Thanks for the comments, Sam. :-)