Wednesday, June 30, 2010

E3'10 Rambles: Sony Press Conf

I thought Sony's press conference message was more "gamer"-friendly than Microsoft's, which might be good since, like MS, the new hardware and related software didn't seem novel or accessible enough to be compelling to a "casual" audience. And as much as I love LBP, it simply expands on already-established things. The most interesting thing about the conference, perhaps was the Steam announcement, which I wish there was more information on. Maybe Valve should make a console.

Two miscellaneous notes that also caught my attention during the conference: first, the main character in Infamous 2 really reminded me of Nathan Drake. It was like a Drake-with-ice-powers game, which was weird. Second, Twisted Metal looked fun. It stood out, despite my not being that into its predecessors. Amidst all the shooters, it came across as an interesting twist. I'm curious how the end product will be received.

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