Monday, July 12, 2010

Heavy Rain, Pt.1: Expectations

After Indigo Prophecy, I was curious how Heavy Rain might improve the "interactive narrative" approach to gaming that the games' creator was after, and I have to admit that my hopes weren't that high. Though I played Indigo Prophecy long ago, I still remember that it it had interesting moments (e.g., I loved the tension in the game opener with the split screen camera showing me, standing over someone I had just murdered in the bathroom, and a cop entering the building to take a leak) but that quicktime events seemed utterly disconnected from what was going on in the screen, killing any real sense of interaction between me and the character, and that the game ending sorta petered out in a weird direction, as though the dev team ran out of production time to complete it. As a result, my hopes weren't that high.

Heavy Rain turned out to be an amazing experience that pushed some boundaries of emotion and immersion in really interesting ways, when it wasn't completely pissing me off with awful controls. Fortunately, that wasn't too often. Stay tuned for more thoughts, starting with some of the things that worked.

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