Thursday, July 15, 2010

Heavy Rain, Pt.4: Voyeurism


In the same scene where Madison was introduced, there was a shower scene. The developer's comment about Heavy Rain being an adult game about adults (and so big whoop) is understandable, but I noted a disconnect because as a player, the scene was a bit voyeuristic, but my character just wanted trying to get some relaxation so she could sleep. At first, this made me wonder if the decision of including nudity was misguided, but later, I had second thoughts.

In a much later scene, I was given the option to striptease a creepy club owner as Madison to get information. Story cues push the entire scenario towards unease, but the voyeur component was still a possible consideration. However, because all was revealed in a mundane context earlier, voyeurism was far from my mind, and I went out of my way to get the information some other way. Would I have played differently without that earlier scene, and disrupted my immersion with more important emotional stakes? I wonder.

Next up, why controls sometimes made me hate playing Heavy Rain.

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