Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Career Night

Tonight I get to talk to kids about comics and games, and how I got to where I am (wherever that might be!). I can yap, so it shouldn't be uninteresting. I just wonder if any of them are genuinely intrigued by the idea of a career in games the way I was as a kid, or if they just hope that I know someone who worked on StarCraft 2, or can give them the scoop on the next Call of Duty. They probably all want to be testers. If only they knew...


  1. Good luck! You should ask them these questions. I think it's not only your mission to inform but to provoke thoughts that could lead them to a similar future :)

  2. Where I tutor, every little boy with a shred of artistic talent that I've talked to dreams of being a video-game designer. I just smile and tell him how great that is; I know someone who has achieved that dream.