Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Cycle

I wonder how the waxing and waning of my gaming compares to others'. There are times when I play obsessively, completing games in rapid succession, and other times when nothing motivates me to turn on my game systems, regardless of the hype. Cramming happens in the Fall, I suppose, but games were more spread out past Fall, continuing into the early part of this year. And my pace slows significantly after months of cramming. This year, my gaming lust seemed to dip after finishing Mass Effect 2, even though there are some really interesting-looking titles staring at me, like Alan Wake and Red Dead. I'm just glad I played through Galaxy 2, Heavy Rain, and Machinarium.

On a side note, I also wonder how all of the games pushed from last Fall into this year did, and how publishers interpreted the results. Will there be a wider spread this Fall, and games going into 2011, or do all the publishers regret not coming out at Christmas?

Maybe I need to wax and wane -- to play obsessively then break for awhile -- and having a nice spread of games all year round would just leave more things untried.

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  1. I definitely oscillate between different interests, sometimes playing a lot of video games, sometimes a lot of board games, sometimes reading a lot, etc. But I haven't really figured out a pattern to it; it certainly doesn't follow video game release dates for the most part. Most of the games I play (and get) have been out for a while.