Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Re: Career Night

I enjoyed my little stint at Career Night. One of the kids reminded me of a younger version of myself. He had made his own pen and paper RPG, liked to do "world-building," and had lots of unfinished comics in his binders (I guess we vary on that point; I drew a lot of figures but rarely actually created legitimate comics).

For the most part, I think they wanted to mine me for something interesting they could take back to their friends. That is, if I could tell them something top secret about the next Call of Duty, or if I had worked on something mind-blowing that the whole world loves.

The most surprising thing was how well their attention was held when I, on a whim, decided to walk them through some pretty dense design theory. I walked them through some shortcomings I see in multiplayer games and a different way to approach multiplayer experiences, and they actually seemed to be fairly engaged through the whole process. Go passion.

That was the only real "life advice" I tried to give. "Do things that drive your passion. Even if you end up in a dumpster, you'll be happy doing something that fills your soul." I should stay away from the dumpster advice next time, maybe.

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  1. That is so cool you did that Alan. Sounds like a fun experience. It's interesting that they were tracking with you on design theory. It's pretty amazing to me how well kids play video games these days, though. My friend's boy could kick my butt any day, even when he was like 6 years old. :)