Monday, August 9, 2010


A couple months ago I decided to jump into Super Street Fighter IV and pick up a new character, and I was having enough fun that I wanted to get back into the local scene. I find it difficult to be content with "average" skill at a game like Street Fighter, so I wanted the input and advice of the stronger local players (who are competitive at Evo) to help me step up my game. But whenever I do, I quickly ram right into the inevitable truth that being that good is a time commitment I'm just not willing to make.

This time it was at a local tournament. It was fun, but they set up monitors with virtually no lag, and the difference in timing was so disruptive that none of the combos I spent two months perfecting were of any use, and made my mostly average game was reduced to a big pile of pointless. Not only do I need more practice, but I apparently need a lagless monitor to practice on, too. Instead, the game and TE Fightstick go back to the shelf to collect dust, until I miss the thrill of the fight, and another iteration of the game rears its tempting head.

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  1. That's basically how I feel about every competitive game I've ever played. : )