Friday, September 24, 2010

D&D Night Two

There won't be a post for every D&D night, but everything is still new and my nerves are running high. Tonight is night two, where we brainstorm campaign ideas and make characters now that the combat basics have been covered. The same nervous questions run through my mind: Will it be fun? Will they come back? I hope so.

Which reminds me, I've already done a bit of crafting for my game beyond square portrait creation for my paper counter stands. My crafts include:
  • A Magic-sized power card template for PowerPoint 2007, supporting at-will, encounter, daily, magic item, PHB, and DMG cards. Useful for anyone that doesn't use or want the output of WotC's Character Builder and has the patience to make some good-looking, personalized cards.
  • A 2-page D&D combat reference sheet for Word 2007, including (p.1) combat basics and (p.2) a full listing of combat actions (including skills in combat), modifiers, and conditions.
  • A half-page and 3x5" character stat block for Word 2007, modeled after the Monster Manual stat blocks and sorted by action type with abbreviated rules, but for your character, with lots of room for adventure notes.
  • A 3x5" player stat tracker for Word 2007, which puts up to 5 players primary stats (including skills!) on one index card, for easy DM reference.
  • A 3x5" monster stat tracker for Word 2007, for tracking baddies in combat.

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