Thursday, September 23, 2010


I was chatting with a friend over lunch when the topic of game gifts and Steam came up. One of my favorite things about Steam is the ability to gift a game to someone else. There is something pleasantly personal about choosing a particular game that a particular acquaintance may enjoy. Even more worthy of praise is Steam's support for owning extra copies of a game. That is, if I own a game, such as Half-Life 2, and then buy Orange Box which contains Half-Life 2, I am automatically credited with another "copy" of the game that I can send to a friend. How awesome is that?

Using Live, it's true that I can buy someone points to similar effect, but it not only lacks that personal touch, but is oddly impossible to do via the 360 interface, where I normally buy points. Weak by my reckoning, at least.

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  1. I agree. And I've thought for years that Amazon needs the ability to gift Kindle books... other ebook stores (iBooks, B&N) have this capability, so if they don't pick it up very soon (before the holiday rush), I think they will be at a disadvantage...

    It's one of those basic things that right now makes a lot of digital distribution inferior to retail.