Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mr. Hyde

Those that know me in real life would probably vouch for my rather long fuse. On the extremely rare occasion when I've found myself seething with rage in a social situation, I've been known to politely ask if I can take a break from the conversation so I can cool off and come back with a clear head. This is, however, the opposite of how I game competitively which is, of course, as an absolute dill-hole of the highest magnitude. A taunting, filthy, and loud-mouthed example of Gabe's G.I.F.T. It can be unnerving even for me, but as long as the those around me are willing to tolerate it (they aren't always, and fairly), I admit to enjoying the catharsis.


  1. Wow, I'm thinking back now and remembering discovering this about you. I watched you play networked games of Descent and some Quake variant a few times at work. I think you even warned me the first time. I still wasn't prepared. :)

    You were a ridiculously good Descent player, though, so for the sake of watching awesomeness, I risked my own death due to overexposure to verbal nastiness.

    Edit: the word verification for this post was "swealot". Coincidence? Clearly not.

  2. I have a witness! Sorry about that.

    I was thinking about doing a writeup of my longest-running multiplayer infatuations, and Descent would certainly be in it.

    And Swealot! Perfect.