Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vanquish Impressions

I also played through the Vanquish demo, just to sample Kamiya's latest. If Gears of War were Street Fighter II, Vanquish would be Street Fighter II Turbo - Hyper Fighting. As with most of Kamiya's games, the controls were responsive, energetic, and flashy, but this time they were almost too responsive, like I didn't have enough speed of mind to match speed of character. Sliding across the floor was thrilling, but travels or shifts directions too rapidly to feel like I was in control, and drawing a bead on enemies with my reticle was equally jerky. I liked being able to slow down, but my brain scrambled the controls more than once, and I hated the overheating penalty for letting my meter run out, because I usually slowed down to focus and capitalize on some part of the action, not babysit my meter. Oh, and the main character's voice was very grating. But maybe I'll get used to it. I'm excited to try the final game.


  1. I had the same issue with the reticle moving to fast for me, but I thought I was just not very good at it. : )

    The overheating seemed interesting but sometimes too big of a drawback. I did start managing my meter so I'd stop just before it overheated, but for example while I thought the different melee attacks based on what weapon you had equipped were kind of interesting, they will likely almost never get used in gameplay because it overheats after every single attack, so you can't even manage the meter with it. It seemed like the gameplay for me, at least during the boss battle at the end, devolved into alternating between slow-mo shooting and waiting for the meter to refill.

    Once I got used to the controls it was fairly fun, and after playing the demo for Quantum Theory last night, which I didn't like at all, Vanquish is looking quite a bit better. I only compare the two because they're both new shooter-type games I had heard almost nothing about (nothing in the case of Quantum Theory, and I'd only seen the trailer you linked to here in the case of Vanquish) before the demos were available. I'm not gonna buy Vanquish at full price, but it may end up somewhere on my wish list.

  2. Yeah Quantum Theory looked /too/ derivative to catch my interest, but I haven't given it a fair shot. I'm glad to hear that your experience with Vanquish was pretty similar.