Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Always Lucky

Whenever I watch a big battle scene with swords and arrows, my mind is blown at what people used to be willing to get themselves into. It just looks so damned dangerous. Then I wonder about whether they were thankful to be in a time when they could have a limb removed without having their life taken, or some other invention of their "modern medicine," and it makes me wonder how primitive my life will seem compared to someone in the future.

The other day, this basic idea was extended to some birds I saw sitting on an electric line high up, with a foot or so of snow beneath them in cold weather. At first all I could think about was how happy I was to get indoors to some warmth but a few seconds later, I started second guessing my luck. I don't know what their day is like, what they think about, and whether their life is content, but let's say they could somehow have a clear idea of the trade-off between bird and human. Maybe they'd miss flying. Maybe they'd miss a whole lot of other things, too. Maybe being a bird is simply better.


  1. They'd have to worry about finding a toilet... : P

  2. My car seems to be a fine substitute.