Thursday, November 18, 2010


I had a late night tonight playing D&D, hence the late update. It was a fairly standard run with a couple of encounters, but a run in with a Succubus was incredibly fun. It cracks me up that our party aches for battle and kills about everything under the sun, but the second we a character that doesn't want to fight, even if it's a demon trickster from the Abyss that just hypnotized two of our party members and stole one of our magic weapons, and who will surely wreak havoc on nearby towns, even a Lawful Good cleric of Bahamut gets fussy about hitting it. It got everyone (friendly) yelling about each others' motives, amidst rolls against each other (since some of our wills were dominated), and all in all, it was a memorable moment. It's occasions like these that I presume inspired Warren's quest of creating a narrative with the player. If only games had the content control and mind of a DM.

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