Monday, November 29, 2010

Hearting Sequels

This morning I was reading an article about purchasing game sequels, and I found myself wondering how things would change if big games were released at $20. I understand research shows a perceived lower value that comes with the price tag, but I wonder whether a big, widely-recognized game like Call of Duty could buck that trend, especially with advertising behind it. I wonder if it would sell even more or much less than it currently does. I wonder if $20 becoming a new standard would hurt indie games, or free up game dollars to be spent taking "risks" on games again. Publishers like to talk a lot about leveraging their risks on sequels and it makes sense, but I often wonder if sequels sell and new IP -- even IP with amazing reviews -- has a hard time penetrating the market because consumers are asked to take a significant risk with their gaming dollar as well. How often do you spend money on a movie you aren't sure about? How often do you do this with a game?

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