Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spector PAX

I'm going the easy route with some brainfeed, today. In Penny Arcade a Warren Spector keynote from PAX was mentioned and I was happy to see it online. Over the years, I've enjoyed listening to his mind on games, and I enjoyed his keynote, too. It's interesting to see where he evolves on where games are going and what engine should drive them, but I notice I still bristle at his disgust of games on rails. It's not that I don't see value in player agency and creativity in games, but that the difference between a game on rails and Deus Ex strikes me as different shades of the same gray, and the white/black of his D&D games require a much different approach than just letting players complete a game using different playstyles.

I like that he had an Atari 400 and loved Star Raiders. The Atari 400 was my family's first console, and that game was indeed cool.

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