Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Ico

Over a conversation at lunch today, the topic of journeying with AI was banging around in my mind in reference to how annoying the babysitter role can be. I found myself wondering whether setting up the right relationship -- featuring a pitiful AI character -- would help to ease the pain. Ico popped into my head to remind me that it did just this, and wonderfully, but I wondered if the protective relationship could be pushed even further -- whether another game with a protective premise but featuring a father and his daughter, or mother and her son, would be even more manipulative. Are there games out there that already do this? The last game I remember hearing in the press about really pushing the parent button was Heavy Rain.


  1. Always good to work within your limits no?

  2. Yeah, there's truth no limits are much harder to design for. Some of my favorite ideas, including what I'm playing with now, are a direct result of acknowledging limitations.