Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Red Dead Damnation

I'm outrageously sick at the moment, and not in the mood to do much of anything. But boredom still comes even when you have no brain, and I decided to start playing Red Dead last night. The game is really beautiful, and I enjoy the characters. It does a lot more than Assassin's Creed to help me empathize with my character and make me interested in playing him, although I begin with a certain disconnect from not knowing my own past. I enjoyed feeling like I could redeem myself by participating on the ranch, and after riding around it, helping my lady-friend look after things, and going on patrol with the ranch's dog, I was feeling quite at home.

The next (in-game) morning, I got up and saw a wagon wandering through the ranch. I had a good feeling and wandered up to check it out. I wanted to hop on the back, so I pressed the Triangle button to do so. No dice. So I run up to the front of the coach and push Triangle, and then freak when I see my Marsden pulling the driver out of the wagon to steal it. No! I want to give it back and say it was a mistake, but everyone is shooting at me. I have to fire back or I'll die. Pretty soon the drivers are dead, the sheriff is dead, and I'm robbing the general store manager for enough money to pay off the bounty on my head. Sometimes I wish my buttons did nicer things.

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