Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Play

I know Thanksgiving is sooo last week, but I wanted to throw up some quick thoughts on games I played over the Thanksgiving break:

I considered this competition for my last unannounced project at Disney and was interested to see how it turned out. The game felt really rushed and drained of resources to me -- really rough around the edges -- and the combat camera reeked of someone high-up stupidly complaining about not being close enough to see how cool your character looks while it's kicking butt. Most reviews give it a hats-off for its storytelling, and though I appreciated some of the dialogue, I thought they made some serious errors with making characters I would give a crap about.

Halo: ODST
I skipped this when it came out, but a friend loaned it and Reach to me. It was extremely short and extremely confusing. I couldn't make heads or tails of the story until about halfway through, and by then I really didn't care. I should have left it skipped.

Halo Reach
But Reach honestly surprised me, and I'm tempted to call it my favorite in the Halo series. I followed and enjoyed the story enough, the graphics were quite honestly gorgeous, and the kinesthetics were much-improved over the other Halo games. I thought it had a bit more grit than previous games that I appreciated. It might be the only of my Thanksgiving games that I'd actively recommend, but I wonder if my impressions were helped by the very-low bar set in ODST.

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