Friday, December 10, 2010


Tom shared a neat article with me tonight, that considers the role of talking in videogames. I disagree with the premise, but found the article interesting and thoughtful, and got my brain turning about. Enjoy (and thank you, Tom)!


  1. No, thank you!

    Also, though the discussion on "talking" in videogames is disagreeable to a point I couldn't agree more with the discussion on "talking" in the videogame development process. I loveeee it actually. Less talk, more rock!

    Really looking forward to Sword & Sworcery as well as From Dust <3 Also did you see the trailer to Journey yet?

  2. Yeah, the "just do it" mantra is great, and I feel like what I've been doing has been reinforcing it, though the scope is much smaller than what we were doing at Disney.

    I actually just finished the trailer to Journey, and it of course reminded me of your link, so I had to check the comments here. I look forward to Journey more than Chen's other games, which I also really enjoyed.

  3. True! But I think regardless of scope it's still applicable. Enjoyed a TED talk that proposed instead of a casual Friday to boost morale there should be a no talk Thursday with no meetings, stand-ups or otherwise - just time to work and get things done. Was going to type the whole thing out but hell, give it a worthwhile watch

    Yay journey!

    Any thoughts on From Dust?

  4. Jason Fried I think also co-wrote a pleasant book called Rework that I rather enjoyed. I'll check out that talk in a bit.

    I have no opinion on From Dust. I've seen trailers, but have no idea what it's all about.

  5. My problem with the article is based on the assumption that you and your team, if left without direction, will actually rock. I think if your default state is rocking and talking just gets in the way of that, cool, just rock then. In my case it might turn into less talk, more suck.

  6. You're referring to the vid, Sam?