Friday, January 21, 2011

Claw Grip

Despite my enjoyment of force feedback, for a long time an oddly-shaped mouse -- stubby and wide -- from my early days of computing was the one I remembered the most fondly. I never understood why most mouse devices were so long and seemed to fill up your hand, since I thought it was awkward to move my forearm around to control my mouse, and it wasn't until I read about mouse "grips" that everything clicked, and I understood why I felt this urge to go back to my stubby mouse.

Apparently, I just had a less-common way of holding a mouse. A "palm grip" seems the most popular, where you have all of your hand and all of its fingers resting over the surface of the mouse, and you use your forearm to move it. What I liked (and didn't realize) is what's called a "claw grip," which means only a corner of my palm and my fingertips touch the mouse and I use my fingertips to "pull" the mouse around, occasionally sliding the mouse away from my palm to get more range. There is another, possibly least-common approach called the "fingertip grip," which is like a claw grip, but with no part of the mouse ever touching your palm.

Since I read about these grips a few years ago, its made it much easier to hone in on what I like, which unfortunately seems like a small selection of mice, although there are some good options that have made me a happy mousing camper. If you're curious about these grips, Razer has a nice description up.

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