Thursday, January 20, 2011


Did anyone else own this mouse by Logitech? I bought one in the early part of the decade looking for an optical mouse that was fast enough for a gamer and figuring the force feedback would be a possibly interesting novelty. Tribes 2 was on the list of supported titles, and I was deeply in love with the series, but I never expected to love the mouse as much as I did. I thought the support in T2 was done well, and I loved the sensation of feeling gunfire while playing. It was a simple addition that added more than I expected to my experience, and I was sad when the whole force feedback mouse thing never really garnered much more support in games and seemed to fade into the ether. Honestly, it was something that sounded pretty dumb on paper and probably varied in quality based on how programs supported it, but for my use it was a kinda awesome reality.

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