Friday, February 18, 2011


I'm still sitting on Dead Space 2 while Street Fighter has my attention. Looking forward at big releases to come, it seems like a mixed bag. Maybe there are items missing from my radar.

Bulletstorm might be more than I expect, but everything I've seen makes it feel more like marketing ploy than something really loved by the developers. I probably need to play Dragon Age to get more amped about Dragon Age 2, but the more information I gathered about the original, the more it came across as too old school and fiddly to get me excited about it -- I think some of my enjoyment of Mass Effect 2 came from the fact that Jenny enjoyed it, too. And Knight's Contract? Maybe -- I like brawlers so I'm mildly curious.

I'm probably most excited about other shooters: Killzone 3 has me curious because I remember Killzone 2 as enjoyable and underrated. Crysis 2 interests me because Crysis had a few levels that I consider some of the most memorable in gaming, ever. And Portal 2 has me curious, since I have theories about what made Portal so engaging, and I want to see how a different (?) structure affects my engagement. I was curious about BioShock 2 for similar reasons.

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