Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Loud and Clear

Sometimes I like to say things just to provoke thought. An example is saying to artists, "sound is more important than art" -- in context, saying that audio is more important than visuals. After they recover from the glove-slap, I like to share a story I recall hearing somewhere about the movie industry being resilient to adding audio to the films that were playing because the equipment upgraded was too expensive for theater owners. What actually prompted the change was radio serials, because everyone started staying at home, riveted by the nightly programs available on the radio, and theaters were taking a hit. According to the story, it wasn't until this happened that theaters were willing to add the audio capabilities theaters needed to support sound in film.

Even if the story were wildly inaccurate, it paints a realistic picture that helps me scratch an itch: that on the projects I've been a part of, art gets wildly more attention and resources than sound, despite the latter having a critical -- perhaps as much or moreso -- impact on your sense of immersion. Go back and play some of your recent favorite games and pay a bit more attention to the quality of its audio. It makes massive difference. I wish audio got way more development love than I ever saw it did.

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