Friday, February 11, 2011


I can be a stubborn gamer. When researching God of War 2 once, I remember fighting Zeus in Titan mode, where I felt required to parry him perfectly about 50 or so times perfectly during the fight in order to claim victory, and it may have taken more than 50 boss fight attempts to pull it off.

A similar experience occurred last night playing Street Fighter. I sunk a few nights in since picking it up again and I'm definitely behind the skill curve but the only way to get better is to keep getting beat until I fix my ways (right?). Things got a bit nuts last night, though, in an endless battle, where some player won literally 60-70 games in a row before I finally managed to take him down. Being humbled isn't bad, but I'm just surprised at my tolerance to keep pounding away at it.

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  1. Some games can be like that, I think, with different games working that way for different people. Chess is a game I could always lose to my friend without feeling too bothered because I was still having fun. The question is, are you enjoying yourself? Or at least, are you gaining something from the experience?

    In a way, regardless of the answer, winning isn't all that important: if no, there's no need to continue playing, and if yes, there's no need to worry about winning so much.